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Eastern Technology Development Company was found in 1989 in Hong Kong and has been the leading provider of electronic components in communication and defense fields to China ever since then.
Being one of the pioneers to introduce world’s newest and top class electronic components and technologies to China market since early years. We have established solid relationship with China domestic industry and Governments’ Research Institutes in the field of telecommunication and defense.


 • 980nm Pump Lasers
 • Fusion Splicer & Optical Connectors
 • CW DFB Laser Modules
 • DM DFB Laser Modules
 • 1480nm Pump Lasers

 • Optical Devices

 • Power Supply & Motor Drivers

 • Discrete Devices


 • Tyco Relays
 • Nanonics Mico-connectors
 • AMP High Voltage Connectors
 • AMP High Voltage Connectors
 • Heat-Shrink Tubing
 • Data Buss Connectors
 • Wires & Cables
 • Nv Rams
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